LED Fish Tank / Aquarium light

Aquarium Moon Light

The Solaris is the first LED System designed to replace Metal Halide and Fluorescent lighting for the Aquarium Reef Tanks. PFO Lighting claims the PAR light output levels equal to a 250W MH 20K. It uses 40% less energy than the Metal Halide Fixtures it replaces. The life of the LED’s is 50,000 hours, so it almost eliminates metal halide and fluorescent bulb replacements.

Built-in microprocessor allows flexible control of the the illumination cycles. Sunrise, Daylight, Cloud Cover, Sunset, and the lunar cycle, can all be set independently. The LED bulbs can adjusted from 6.5K to 22K.

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Signature Moonlight fixture

Give your aquarium the moon with the Signature Series Moonlight LED Aquarium Lighting Fixtures. Easily add a night time viewing system to your freshwater, saltwater or reef tank. These compact aquarium lighting fixtures easily fit next to most existing lighting systems. The ultra-blue LEDs spaced at 2 in. intervals cast a brilliant shimmering moonlight down upon your aquarium, allowing easy viewing even after dark. Witness your fish and coral engaged in nocturnal behaviors with the Moonlight!


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