LED Flashlights

Upgrade your old maglite to LED!

Upgrade your standard Maglite C or D Cell battery torches to the latest LED technology with a Maglite upgrade kit. Quick and easy to fit but transforms your old Maglite torch into a modern Maglite LED:


  •   Brighter than standard incandescent filament flashlight bulbs
  •   LED in your flashlight will make it very reliable when you need it
  •   100,000 hours of continuous lamp life  LAST (10 years).
  •   LED (Light Emitting Diode) has no filament to break or burn out   
  •   Uses LESS POWER and Generates LESS HEAT than filament  
  •   Pure white light that never turns yellow when batteries weaken.
  •   Suitable upgrade for your Mini-Mag® or Full size C or D Maglite®.
  •   Extend the battery life of your Flashlight's  2 to 5 times Longer.
  •   Shock Resistant! No fragile filament or glass bulb to break
  •   Guarantee - Satisfaction or your money back - 90 day Warranty!
  •   Never burns out! Never replace your flashlight bulb again!
CFL bulb

LED (keychain) Flashlights

Looking for a really convenient way of carrying a small light, but not wishing for a mini flashlight? Try the keychain flashlights. Fixed to chains, such flashlights serve the twin purposes of providing light and, well, being a keychain.

However, never let their size make you underestimate them. Super-bright and available in different colors, keychain flashlights can be very useful too.

Multitudes of companies exist which offer an amazing range of flashlights for us to choose. Photon Light, The Led Light, Family on Board’s Family Outside, Thomas Distributing, Quality Items Online, Cool Flashlights, Rayovac, The Sharper Image, Keychain Flashlights, Circuit City, Lighting for the Home, and B&H are some companies which provide keychain flashlights of excellent quality and service.

Photon Light has a very good collection of keychain flashlights, all suited for people of different trades such as hikers, campers, fishermen, party-goers, and many more. NASA, US military besides others are also present among its customers. Not only does it provide excellent products, but also gives quality discounts apart from lifetime warranty and free shipping. Some of the products available are ‘photon freedom micro’, which is available in 10 different colors, including infrared and ultraviolet; ‘photon micro light’, which is available in a water-resistant case; ‘realtree camouflage photon light’, which is especially suited for hunters and outdoor people; and many, many more.

Streamlight, Inova, Pelican, Eveready, Garrity, LED-lenser, CampCo, MagLite, and NexxTech are brands which create high-quality keychain flashlights for different purposes.

Different color flashlights are also available at The Led Light. It offers products like ‘Streamlight keymate LED keychain flashlight’; ‘Inova microlight LED keychain light’, available in white, red, green, and blue; and ‘Pelican l1’, has a white light only, but is water-resistant and comes with an unconditional lifetime guarantee, besides others.

‘LED-lenser’ keychain flashlights of different colors and uses are all available at Quality Items Online. All batteries are included with the keychain flashlights. Such lights are also water-resistant and last up to 100 hours.

Suited especially for kids from six years and up are the keychain flashlights provided by Rayovac. With batteries included and a lifetime warranty, ‘Scooby – Doo! Mystery keychain flashlight’ is superb for use by children.

The range of keychain flashlight varies from $1.59 (offered by Circuit City) to $24.95 (available at Quality Items Online).